.Uchiwa  団扇,  a traditional Japanese paper fan, kyoto.

Uchiwa, a traditional Japanese fan, AIBA kyoto (l would love to do this as a work of art for the wall, incorporating crocheting crocheted leaves and stems with fine thread).

MAC lipstick, Japanese Maple. Perfect nude lip and I agree! Love this color.

Pro Fleshpot Lipstick, The perfect nude lip: ✔️ Stripdown lip pencil + ✔️ Honeylove lipstick + ✔️ Fleshspot lipstick in the center.

Japanese style, kawaii/cute dolly-inspired makeup.

Applying blush in triangle shapes underneath your eyes is a popular Japanese technique to make your face look rounder and cuter.


Kimonos are now worn for special events such as weddings, funerals, tea ceremonies, and other things like that.

Sake Revitalizing Bath: From Japan  To get glowing body skin, Japanese women take a sake bath. Add three to four six-ounce glasses of any kind of sake to your bath water. Kojic acid in the sake exfoliates and helps lighten age spots and other discoloration.

This Beautiful World: Standards of Beauty Around the World

A gorgeous, dramatic updo on Korean actress Song Hye Kyo. (I interviewed her for Chronicle back in Love this photo.

Hanayome, Japanese Bride in Shiromuku, White Uchikake kimono. - BunkinTakashimada hairstyle

17 Unbelievable Wedding Beauty Looks Around the Globe

Japanese brides wear carefully styled Wigs (BunkinTakashimada hairstyle) and Shiromuku (White Uchikake Kimono) in Shinto Weddings.

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Chinese Bridal Hairstyles- Classic Sleek updo 新娘盘头发型

Korean makeup vs. Japanese makeup | kkuljaem 꿀잼

Korean makeup -Dewy and bright skin -Straight brows + red lips -Light blush or no blush at all Japa.