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must had an amazing idea this would be a cute guest book if you already had the leaves drawn and then people would do their thumbprint to make the pineapple and could either decorate it or sign it! must have pineapple party.

坂井直樹の”デザインの深読み”: ロングビーチで過ごした子供時代の影響を受け、彼の記憶に焼き付けた夕日の色や感触をキャプチャしようと描いている。何でも無い絵のように見えるが、伸びやかで気持ちの良い筆運びの絵だ。

Neon Sunsets and Technicolor Landscapes Painted by Grant Haffner Artist Grant Haffner tries to capture the color and feeling of sunsets burnt into his memories. Haffner works primarily with a mixture.

Naomi Okubo

Today was exciting: I was to going to meet artist Naomi Okubo in Tokyo! I traveled to Kichijoji by train, Naomi waited for me at the entrance.