This poster is so cool! I love any design that uses a picture to modify another to make it more interesting. What this poster also does well is it blends the city and the mans head really well and even the colors are very similar making the poster that much better.

A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.Enemy "Enemy movie" "Enemy trailer" sci-fi thriller "Denis Villeneuve" "Jake Gyllenhaal" "Mélanie Laurent" "Isabella Rossellini" "Sarah Gadon" movie clone look-alik.

Ballet and Dance Posters for Motion Theater by Caroline Grohs |

Caroline Grohs - "Concept & corporate design for a fictitious theater. Project for my final exams"

Dinamik slices visual design Baubauhaus.

Yesterday the eleventh edition of Cinedans has started at EYE Amsterdam. Cinedans (Dance on Screen Festival) is unique in the Netherlands and in the world. The central focus of the festival is on dance film. Cinedans sees the ideal dance…

50 Clever Advertising Designs With A Story To Tell

Zepri: Daily Recharge Zespri wanted to communicate that kiwifruit can be a healthy alternative to coffee, and other energy drinks.