Lace Jacket Victorian Steampunk Flare - I'm fascinated by & neo-Victorian style. satisfies my desire to be girly, strong, dramatic, & geeky.

Steampunk Pendulum Clock

Steampunk Genuine pendulum Clock Fiona- Clocks and the inner workings of clocks could be an interesting bounce off point? - Home Decor Pin

Steampunk victorian black lace high collar shoulder necklace epaulettes Body Tattoo featured on VOGUE.IT Halloween

Steampunk lace collar black bib detachable collar necklace with silver chain epaulets epaulettes BODY TATTOO fashion couture style


Riding Outfit: I am in LOVE with the skirt part of this outfit. Aside from the tophat and boots I don't care about the rest.but this skirt is to die for!


Shrine Steampunk Antique Damascus Brocade Pin Bodice in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Clothing, Tops & Blouses


Steampunk Spiked Gears Cuff via Etsy. I hope she doesn't get rusty. Very nice fingerless glove. It is too feminine for me but I still admire its beauty!