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Steam fantasy Monsters by arsenixc on DeviantArt

Airship falagman "Verethragna" from "Kingdom of нeaven asterism" and "Leviathan"railway battlecruiser from "Earth of steel rivers". Epic steampunk... Steam fantasy Monsters

Barons of the Galaxy Screenshots

Free turn based MMO browser game where players manufacture goods and services to sell or trade to the non-player cities which spring up in the galaxy.

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SR81-BB, Garret AJ

SR81-BB by Garret AJ on ArtStation.


It would be foolish for an arrogant Medieval empire to attack a far larger technologically superior force that they can't comprehend. So what happens when the Gate opens in the 32nd century? Can a medieval/roman empire put up against the hyper-advanced Federation and the elusive organization known as PRISM? And what other consequences will this connection bring for both sides? I DO NOT OWN THE GATE ANIME ( i also don't own any pictures, videos or music that gets posted here) Notes: A few…

Remy-remy-spaceship-01 by Andres1976 on DeviantArt

neco on Twitter


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Pacific Rim: Uprising Concept Art by Sean Hargreaves | Concept Art World

Senior Concept Designer Sean Hargreaves was kind enough to share some of the concept art he created for Pacific Rim: Uprising. Be sure to check out more Kaiju and Jaeger concept art and designs featured in the art book, The Art and Making of Pacific Rim Uprising. Link: Website | Facebook All images © Warner […]

Rise Once More (German Warship Legends x Male! Admiral! Reader) - Prologue

Y/n is a five star admiral who is part Russian and German. As a child, he remembered hearing of the stories of the Bismarck, Graf Spee, and Prinz Eugen. He always wondered what would happen if those three legends still lived, it was his wish. But, what if that wish came true?

"Yamato" Reloaded., Shai Daniel

"Yamato" Reloaded. by Shai Daniel on ArtStation.

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環球時報によれば、インド紙ザ・ヒンドゥー電子版はインドの元海軍少将、ラジャ・メノン氏による「山岳部隊設立は唯一の選択ではない」と題した文章を掲載した。 支那…

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MT006 ''Icelus'', noax .

Unmanned autonomous tank.Mass-produced for urban warfare . Heavily relies on quantity rather than quality. I imagine after war is over,these armour units will continue to patrol empty desolated land until destroyed or unable to recharge/rearm. Design was

transportation design concept sci fi

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