Counting sheep … More

I love this painting! flying sheep well, they are field clouds after all cool surreal art for wool lovers

Twitter / konsai_umemama: 大根が、走って逃げてるんです(爆)

根菜農家うめまま on

garden humor - "The curious case of the running daikon radish, an alien invasion uncovered?

Twitter / asahi_wakayama: わかぱんは特急くろしおに押し込まれている姿が忘れられ …

Even back in 1955 to 1967 there were special transit people to shove you in the over packed trains like a can of sardines., (knowing how packed a train can be with people).


“You will not see a better photo today. MT Cup Noodles Mascot Forced to Shovel in Yokohama Snowstorm:”

五月女ケイ子作品 ©keiko sootome


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