Photography and graphic design by Bryan M. Ferguson

How great are these photographs by Bryan M. There’s nothing better than mixing photography with graphic design – the results are always so pleasing! The subtle pastels are &

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by Toko #graphicdesign #poster

The texture (color gradient) of the two circles creates a heavy outside and drags the attention to the middle yellow.

Apollo Screen Print on Behance

A visual history of every manned Apollo flight, charting one of mankind& greatest achievements all the way from Kennedy& & choose to go to the Moon& speech to Armstrong& & Small Step& and beyond.

Typographic poster design

The most awesome images on the Internet

An Illustrative Reimagining of the Letter "R" (Try it At Home

Badass Creativity / The letter R has never meant much to me, but Eleonora Kolycheva is challenging my ambivalence with her hand-painted typography.

"Boring Formless Nonsense: Experimental Music and The Aesthetics of Failure" by eldritch Priest; designed by Daniel Benneworth-Gray Mais

Oh My! Designer’s Toolkit

Oh My! Designer’s Toolkit

This product was created to help designers make eye-candy scenes that will arouse positive emotions Create scenes in Photoshop easily and use graphics for individual or commercial projects

self promotion | Chines New Year

These are unique designs for Chinese New Year that are effective with the use of 2 colors, and similar patterns and type on each different piece.