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THE 1970 PEPSI PAVILION IN OSAKA -nakaya fujiko-

First test of the “Fog Sculpture” by artist Fujiko Nakaya engulfing the pavilion of Expo Osaka Ph.


Platypus Drinking Tube Kit: Turn any Platy Bottle or our CleanStream clean reservoir into a custom hydration system. Includes a taste-free tube, as well as a HyperFlow Bite Valve, lapel clip, and easy-to-attach screw attachment.

nakaya diagram

nakaya diagram

BAUHAUS circle curriculum

BAUHAUS Diagram of the Bauhaus curriculum, published 1923 johannes itten. design and form: the basic course at the bauhaus. mein vorkurs am bauhaus: gestaltungs- und formelehre. information graphic.

Original Luna

Luna Sandals - Original Luna with Leather Top

山と道: 山と道 U.L.FramePack ONE

山と道: 山と道 U.L.FramePack ONE

Sol Advanced Cooking System

My husband has this, I have a smaller system. It's great for cooking a simple cup of coffee, or even pancakes (as long as there's no wind) Jetboil Outdoor Camping Gear - JETBOIL SOL Advanced Cooking System