Fuyuki Hashizume

Fuyuki Hashizume

ジャパーン / しがないサラリーマン http://sumally.com/fuyuki_hashizume
Fuyuki Hashizume
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House ALM | Minimalissimo

Burrowed away in the beautiful and charming city of Tavira, in the south of Portugal, stands House ALM with its shy and understated façade.

Spektrum – Les photographies minimalistes et colorées de Matthias Heiderich | Ufunk.net

The series "Spektrum" by the German photographer Matthias Heiderich, based in Berlin, is an example of minimalist and colorful photography. A superb series at

Prism par Matthieu Venot - Journal du Design (photo ville de Brest)

After stumbling upon the colorful, sun-bleached photos of self-taught photographer Matthieu Venot, we immediately assumed that the French artist was documenting his sun-kissed beach life somewhere near Marseille, Antibes or Nice.