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So adorable

Mustard skirt with a gingham shirt. But with black or no tights. I love this outfit for the colors and the pattern of the shirt!

nimuradaisuke: "写ルンです"...

Black and white illustration of different people with colourful cameras and a brown shibu inu dog by Japanese artist / illustrator Nimura Daisuke


Japanese sweets (so pretty and adorable, I don't know if I could eat them. Kind of like those Japanese erasers that are too cute to use.


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パッケージデザインvol.13 参考になる優れたパッケージ/プロダクトデザイン20をご紹介(金曜日企画)

Pastal colours (pink, aqua, yellow, purple) - These colours are quite feminine and attract a female audience. They're bright and work well together because they're often split complimentary opposite colours.

ice creaaame

Retro Lights, Vintage Love PRESENTS: old school Ice Cream Neon Sign. What a sweet light treat.