A few posts back I shared a tour of my parents Vermont farmhouse .  It continues to be a work in progress.

a brilliant breakfast nook

built in eating nook! A few posts back I shared a tour of my parents Vermont farmhouse . It continues to be a work in progress.

kitchen booth with storage.

built-in storage, So want a breakfast nook in my dream home; hidden built-in storage is super smart!

Living Room

Living Room daybed perfection, my style with a good book & hot tea. But change the plant to flowers or cacti & the bottles for colored vases.

That high, open shelf provides great contrast to the low stuff in the inner area while letting light in

Small apartment living is a lifestyle all its own – without much space for furniture and everyday objects, the impact of every single choice grows exponential

特集:ソファのようにも寛げる コンパクトなリビングダイニング | インテリアショップ unico                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る

特集:ソファのようにも寛げる コンパクトなリビングダイニング | インテリアショップ unico もっと見る



obsessed with this table, I need one!

Breakfast Nook Design and Ideas. banquette banquette seating blue cushion breakfast nook built in bench pendant light



Creative and effective storage solutions for a tiny studio. This would be great for student apartments, too. - Model Home Interior Design

ワンルームのソファの配置って、どうされていますか?オーソドックスな配置はこんな感じではないでしょうか。 窓際にベッド、手前にソファとコーヒーテーブル、テレビのコーナーがある配置。他にも色んな配置をご紹介します。模様替えにぜひご参考ください。

Very little and cozy apartment. You should check this if you ever live in a studio or otherwise little apartment. such a cute idea for a small space!


I love banquette seating! A great breakfast nook/family dining option that just looks good in any kitchen. Especially in its own little nook with lots of light, and lift-up seats to store kitchen/dining linens.




7 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Kitchen a Little Bit Bigger - A slightly higher table in this kitchen provides a demarcation between the livingroom and kitchen. It also provides a breakfast bar and a spot to put things while cooking.