Boba Fett wears Supreme + Visvim

HE WEARS IT 005 - Boba Fett wears Supreme and visvim. I've often said my two favorite things- food and fashion rarely mix well. My hat is off to John Woo, who mixes fashion and Starwars with a delightful result.

Coruscant Clone Trooper wears White Mountaineering

What if "Star Wars" characters started shopping at Barneys? These drawings by artist John Woo (prints for sale on his Etsy site) answer that question.

Scout Strooper wears Viktor & Rolf

No, guys, Face-Off director John Woo does not work for fashion. The John Woo I’m introducing you to today has nothing to do with him, even if he too was grown up in Hong Kong too. The John Woo I’m …

John J.Rambo wears N.Hollywood

He Wears It 022 - John J.Rambo wears N.Hoolywood Signed Print Painted by Acrylic. Printed on Fine Art Paper(Cotton Rag) Size: inch Thickness: Send by Hong Kong SpeedPost.

Clone Trooper wears A.P.C.

“He Wears It – Star Wars & Fashion” is an illustration project by artist John Woo from Hong-Kong, mixing Star Wars characters.

Chewbacca with Outdoor Style

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