DIY Gift Wrap

24 Cute And Incredibly Useful Gift Wrap DIYs by Alanna Okun. Hand-print fabric for gift wrap that can be used over and over again.

parede do quarto!

Diy Print, Living, Für Zuhause Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall?

strawberry stamp by bf-ako

イチゴの多色押し bf-akoの消しゴムはんこ

cactus rubber stamp

set of TO SHIP. I like the mix and match aspect! I guess she adds the spines by hand?

【再販】キウイの多色押し 消しゴムはんこ by bf-ako 文房具・ステーショナリー はんこ

キウイの多色押し 消しゴムはんこ

[Resale] multicolor press eraser of kiwi Hanko - ako-japan GALLERY

#RubberStamp via : Instagram @mamalaterre [for more rubber stamps ideas @iamlookkaew]

No 2 Giraffes. hand printed on 250 g white paper 😊😊 so much to made this

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