Japanese style ーYukata,Hanabi,Kimono,etc
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Hiroshima umbrellas. Taken in 2005 on the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. The river that the umbrellas are floating peacefully on was used by the victims to try to cool their burns, burns which had never been experienced before in human history | Photo Anthony Georgeff

~~hiroshima umbrellas ~ umbrellas floating peacefully on the river to honor the victims of hiroshima by manthatcooks~~

Lady in kimono at Heian-jingu shrine, Kyoto, Japan: photo by 92san 平安神宮 京都

Lady in kimono at Heian-jingu shrine, Kyoto,Japan under umbrella near cherry blossom tree

Japanese summer kimono, Yukata

Kimono and yukata are considered as Japanese traditional clothes! And they are weared in the special festival all a year!

Ryōhei KOISO, Japan

decadence-jp: Maiko who makes up(化粧する舞妓)Ryōhei Koiso (小磯 良平 Koiso Ryōhei?) (July 1903 - December was a Japanese artist. He graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts western art department in 1927 and had a successful career from.

浴衣 Yukata

Really love the simple design of this one, the use of neutral colours will help contrast the boldness of the pink in the cherry blossoms.

Moss Creek, Desert Island, Maine

The beautiful Moss Creek, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Gardens - Mount Desert Island, Maine (pinned from Green Renaissance)