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The Graf Zepplin was a aircraft carrier that was part of Hitlers Z-plan(to construct 4 aircraft carriers for the Kriegsmarine).It was never finished because Hitler thought he didnt need aircraft carriers.It was 95% finished when it was sent to Norway as a coastal battery ship.

Graf Zeppelin was the only German aircraft carrier during World War II. It was launched on December but was never commissioned. For depicting with I imagined Graf zeppelin that was completed with no halting and commissioned in early stage.

HMS Duke of York was one of Britain's five 14 in King George V class battleships, designed in the 1930s to 35000 ton Washington Treaty tonnage limits.  She was flagship of the force that sank German battleship Scharnhorst on Boxing Day 1943 in a purely surface action, with no air involvement.  Of the class only Prince of Wales (sunk by Japanese aircraft in December 1941) did not survive WW2.

HMS Duke of York - King George V-class battleship - I think that she was one of 3 battleships we saw in Devonport Dockyard in 1957 when on a boat trip around Plymouth. The others were HMS Howe & 1 other.