25 Dogs Who Cross Their Paws

Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature Siberian husky)<<<<<ok no. A Klee Kai is NOT a minature Siberian Husky. They look similar but are not the same.


Cuteness Overload: Best Cats, Dogs and Cute Animals. — This picture makes me so happy Source:.<<I saw this and screamed from cuteness overload

Merry Christmas!!

Pupy Training Treats Pupy Training Treats - Im gonna go sleep . Have a fantastic day tomorrow . Good luck for tomorrow . Goodnight ❤ - How to train a puppy? - How to train a puppy?

I've never seen a fox face like this - so cute! Hope I didn't fall for a Photoshop trick. Wonder what the fox would say?

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Thought everyone would love this. A capybara loving his kitty. The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, whose closest relatives in the animal kingdom are guinea pigs. Sheila A.

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