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ヒーローモード | スプラトゥーン2 | Nintendo Switch | 任天堂

ヒーローモード | スプラトゥーン2 | Nintendo Switch | 任天堂

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Splatoon 2 story mode poster Callie?! No! I think the octarians brainwashed her or she joined them...? I can wait for this, I finally got the switch on the weekend....Splatoon 2 coming out in 07/21/17..............

BREAKING NEWS! We just received details on the single-player mode in Splatoon Is that…Marie? But where’s Callie? It seems the Octarians, the octopi troops, have steadily grown their species, and.

Cheer ★ Callie #SquidSisters もっと見る

alternate costume aori (splatoon) black hair boots domino mask earrings english epaulettes food food on head foreshortening full body hand on hip highres jewelry knee boots long hair looking at viewer mask midriff miniskirt mole mole under eye navel

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