Japanese - Sanuki Udon (noodles)

Japanese food - Sanuki Udon (noodles) - Reminds me of the yummy udon I had in Kyoto.

Kitsune udon recipe by ichigoshortcake, via Flickr

Kitsune udon, a Japanese-style vegetarian udon that is refreshing and light, perfect for summer or a light lunch

Japanese Nabeyaki (hot pot) udon noodle

Japanese Nabeyaki (hot pot) udon noodle - One of my favourites, I wonder how amazing it'll taste when made properly!

Japanese cold noodles for summer, Hiyashi-chuka


Japanese cold noodles for summer, Hiyashi-chuka. The site is in foreign language but the picture of so many exquisite Japanese dishes are amazing!

そうめん somen

Japanese Cuisine "Soba" served cold with Soba soup stock also cold and garnished with finely cut green onions. You can see the ics cubes in this bowl. Yeah really cold dish, great for summer days and evenings!

Japanese Somen noodles

Asian noodles cooked in fish or chicken juice. Add to cooked noodles; sliced shitake or enoki mushrooms, fresh basil and mint and cilantro, thinly sliced meat or egg, squize of lemon.

喫茶店で食べた ナポリタン "Naporitan"

喫茶店で食べた ナポリタン