Japanese food / bento


Japanese food / bento: rice is not really paleo, but it can be substituted with some vegetables, nuts, or sunflower seeds.

I luv this I'm so making this for lunch this week!

And super happy.

Here comes Pikachu. He is made of RICE?don't worry Pikachu, I'll save you in a little sweet frozen frame!

picnic bento with inari zushi (my favorite, although I've never seem them like a teddy bear before)


rilakkuma inari zushi inside a rilakkuma bento box.

Makanan Bento bentuk kucing ^_^


So beautiful, I would love to find these in my bento box

Studio ghibli bentos! These go on my bucket list of things to attempt!

BENTOS Art, Benton = Lunch Box in Japanese, Kids, Papa, working ladies need to…

baby seal bento ♥ Bento. http://www.badassbutton.com/ttqttd13


Two eggs, with the white of a third cut with small cookie cutters to make the flippers.

Totoro bento, studio ghibli (I've totally not tried this, so already give up the pretense...)

Totoro and Soot Sprites - bento lunchbox. I need to learn how to make these! (& have the time & patience!) + I just love TOTORO!

cat out of sushi and rice.........at least i think its a cat?!

My Neighbor Totoro bento box! How cute.

Completely cute "toast and eggs" bento lunch. #bento #Japanese #Japan #lunch #cute #food #kawaii

お弁当 Completely cute "toast and eggs" bento lunch.

cute little Sheep bento made with Wiener Rice Ball, Kyaraben Bento Lunch

totoro bento, studio ghibli food

totoro bento, studio ghibli food Too cute!

Japanese Anime Anpanman Family Kyaraben Bento by kentomama

日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento アンパンマおにぎり弁当 Les kyaraben sont des trésors d'imagination et de créativité ! Et ils ont l'air kawaii et délicieux !

Suzy's Zoo Boof Teddy Bear Kyaraben Bento by akinoichigo ♥ Bento

Kawaii food

See the little bear peeking out of the window? You can place your favourite character in the window. This is good to put in a bento box or to serve as lunch.

Piggy rice balls bento (featuring how-to recipe!