Beauty of how lights go in the morning is as beautiful how lights get out at night.

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Lights... by Mustafa AbdulHadi on 500px

Incredible structure created with intricate patterns from organic and geometric shapes. There all sorts of cuts where space was left in regular shapes to give leave a design.

Japanese craftsman - Nikkobori woodwork

Japanese woodwork

Japanese "Border Kumiko" by Yoshihara Wood Works. Designer Keiji Yoshihara has mastered the technique of kumiko: creating pattern form from precisely cut, interlocking strips of wood, a method that is over 800 years old.


Kumiko is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique that has been around since the Asuka era AD

THE WOOD COLLECTOR | Wooden Textured Surface

Revêtement mural en bois

London-based design practice, Giles Miller Studio, specialises in the development of truly innovative surfaces for interior, hospitality and retail design projects

ホテル日航大阪 日本料理 弁慶 青海波

ホテル日航大阪 日本料理 弁慶 青海波

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