'Enlightenment'- stained glass, 'Glory Window' ~ 'Chapel of Thanksgiving', Dallas, Texas, USA

Thanksgiving square- Stained Glass Spiral Ceiling in a Dallas, TX Chapel. - Window and color scheme design? maybe inserting stain glass throughout my chapel?

Feather duster worm in La Herradura, Granada (Spain) by Esteban Tore: Commonly found in intertidal zones around the world, these sedentary marine tube worms are characterized by feathery heads of feeding appendages which project from tubes made of parchment, sand and bits of shell. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabellidae #Marine_Biology #Feather_Duster_Worm

Feather duster worm in La Herradura, Granada(Spain). Sabellidae (feather duster worms) are sedentary marine polychaete tube worms where the head is mostly concealed by feathery branchiae. They build tubes out of parchment, sand, and bits of.

Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic

I really like this spiral because the water ripples stand out and the black hole in the middle seems to bring all the ripples together into a center.

Mosaic, mosaic sculpture, mosaic art, Lamp - The Force that drives the shoot. £1,331.00, via Etsy.

Mosaic, mosaic sculpture, mosaic art, Lamp - The Force that drives the shoot by Nikki Ella Whitlock

Book folding art by schaduwlichtje

This Secondhand Store Volunteer's Book Folding Art Will Blow Your Mind

Warning: These Perfect Loop GIFs Will Hypnotize You GIF

Warning: These Perfect Loop GIFs Will Hypnotize You

Eulychnia castanea spiralis. And then, in the 8th day, God was bored and said: "well, what about an spiral cactus"?

Sprial Cactus - the cactus column is so striking, it can double as décor. If you plan on growing cactus in a pot, know that it requires more watering than if it is growing in the ground.

Sea shell form

Spiral Pattern in Seashell, Fort Meyers, Florida, USA

Spiral pattern on a seashell found at Fort Meyers, Florida.

Foraminiferan test (shell) sp. Elphidium crispum, coloured SEM. Foraminifera are single-celled protozoa. The organisms live in the sea or salt-water lakes. In previous geological ages foraminifera occurred in such enormous numbers that their calcium carbonate shells have formed immense fossil deposits forming chalk + limestone. Magnification x125 at 10cm wide.

Science Image of Foraminiferan test (shell) SEM from PS MicroGraphs. Specialists in Science Images.