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Russian Graphic Design... #Design #graphics #graphicdesign #russia

Logvin’s Museum Night Taste of Life, Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre 2005 (Grand Prix at the seventeenth Poster Festival in Chaumont

Notebook 607 / Pulp

Pulp Notebook 607 A5

With “Back to School” products in full effect in the market, here’s a little round up of some of my favorite notebooks and stationery picks of the season- Sooo much graphic goodyn…

Newspaper Ad by Felipe Salazar

Clever 3-D Effect Newspaper Ad Hidden in the Classifieds

Very innovative Corona Kitchen Newspaper Ad by Felipe Salazar. At the first look a typical classifieds page of a newspaper. But it's much more like that.

PLAYFUL – New Finnish Design

The PLAYFUL – New Finnish Design exhibition presented fresh concepts from individual designers and design companies during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in Kokoro & Moi is responsible for the PLAYFUL identity as well as t