Vertical Garden Wall

22 DIY Vertical Garden Wall Ideas

Creative Indoor Vertical Wall Gardens Lots of Great Ideas and Tutorials! Including, this idea of small tin buckets attached to repurposed wood. Love this look!

広尾 レ・グラン・ザルブル


和紙切り貼りで張り替え簡単‼ ポップな障子。|[暮らしニスタ] 暮らしのアイデアがいっぱい♪

和紙切り貼りで張り替え簡単‼ ポップな障子。|[暮らしニスタ] 暮らしのアイデアがいっぱい♪


多肉植物/流木/キセログラフィカ/植物/観葉植物/ビカクシダ…などのインテリア実例 -2015-04-08 13:20:21

Antwerp Cafe, Paris

Antwerp Cafe, Paris ~This gorgeous storefront is a perfect example of an inviting space. The bright colors, flowers and plants, and quaint awning all combine to create an inviting space that whispers: "come on in.