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by bernhardur gudmundsson

by bernhardur gudmundsson


Baby and bull dogs sleeping -- This baby is so sweetly sleeping with the dogs - look at the pictures - too cute for words! How could you look at this picture and not smile?

Kitten Cutest Dog in the World | And now for the world's cutest kittens...

At this exact moment, the Nashville Zoo's Clouded Leopard cubs hold the title for cutest kittens on the planet. These face-meltingly-adorable pictures taken earlier today seal the deal.


Introduced to his ferret siblings when he was just a kitten, this cat has become inseparable from his buddies and even grooms them while they're sleeping

Precious wet kiss from Border Collie dog to little foal. Gives me warm fuzzies! Love horses and dogs!

Hen Sitting on Kittens. What a shock this morning I went out to collect eggs for breakfast. Since, Henrietta had the kittens, did Catriona have the eggs?

Hen Sitting on Kittens

We had a hen who did this also. From the time the kittens were born, she would sit on them and keep them warm while the mother was out hunting, and then they'd trade places while the hen ate so the cat could feed her kittens.