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Photographers giving shelter animals professional photos for a better chance at adoption. Love this!

To snag homes, shelter pets get glam makeovers

To snag homes, shelter pets get glam makeovers Photographers are helping homeless animals get a new chance on adoption

Proud. @Sandy Bryan @Mark Bryan @Tori Bryan...

everyone who's ever had a dachshund has this thing about dachshunds that they can't let go of.(This is so true.I love my mixed daschund!


Oh my gosh. As cute as daschunds are. They have the nastiest habits. They roll in smelly things outside to disguise their smells. Ours also likes to eat poop! That's why I don't let him kiss me!

cute, dog, and puppy afbeelding

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'Listen to me please! I want to play with the Autumn Leaves' ~ Adorable Little Baby Golden Retriever Puppy - Aww!

A mother's love

Loving Doberman with it's baby.> I saw a Doberman today. I was told it was not a Doberman, but a Rottweiler. It was a Doberman.

Content in a Cottage: Adorable Dachshund Puppy with Apple

One of the Best Fruits for Dogs is Apple. So if you are worried if Apples is safe for dogs? Then you came the right place read the guide here about apple and dogs

O noooooo, I must have one!  It's so cute I'm gonna die!! Baby puss in boots!!

It's so cute I'm gonna die! Real life Puss in Boots!