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Cardboard Clock - DIY

Cardboard clock - DIY (via Atelier pour Enfants) Are you going to teach your kids how to read an analog clock?

cardboard crafts - clock

Perfect for teaching time to ESL kids. Would be great to paint after too, best get the craft knife out!

DIY Reloj de cartón reciclado para aprender las horas + plantilla imprimible

DIY Reloj de cartón reciclado para aprender las horas + plantilla imprimible

Juguetes con cajas de cartón recicladas | Decorar tu casa es facilisimo.com

Juguetes con cajas de cartón recicladas

Here's a fun idea for reusing cardboard boxes! Create a cardboard playground! Now we just need to find a source for lots of cardboard boxes to reuse!

cardboard clock with metal brad connector attached in middle to hold hands of the clock so they actually move

Reloj con platos de carton

Why didn't I think of this for teaching time? :) Learning Ideas - Grades Paper Plate Clocks Round-Up and Telling Time Resources The kids could totally help make one.


Reversible DIY Cardboard Necklace for kids. Love little girls with short hair!

Con le mollette da bucato...  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=353157414726451=a.159692477406280.32914.149164375125757=1

big fish little fish ~ clothes pegs. This could be modified for Jonah and the whale, I'm sure. Just have to figure out how to make the whale spit up Jonah!

wish i was a teacher...

Cardboard Box Plane - so easy and FUN! :: with a brief explanation of box plane parts! Sent this to my son in law for him to make for the children!

cardboard catwalk from design students at strode college. so clever! recycling

Love these creative cardboard costumes! Such wonderful material, cheap. easy to work with, flexible ( fold and pull over hard edge until you get the shape you want). These costumes are by design students - cardboard catwalk.

Nice castle made from cardboard.

I’ve made several fun toys and activities for kids using cardboard but nothing like these amazing projects. You’ll be blown away by these 57 things to make using a cardboard box and cardboard tube. They are DIY activities, games, and imagination building…

Cool Paper Cuckoo Clock

buz: “ Paper Cuckoo Clock by hellopetie Not exactly a working cuckoo — the pine cone weights don’t drop and the bird doesn’t pop, but really, does that matter?

I have to say, I never thought about using cardboard much in crafts until I saw these fantastic projects from Ikatbag. Kids will love them!

10 Cardboard Projects That Kids Will Love

Reloj hecho con un bastidor de bordar y dibujos de fieltro | Broches de Fieltro | Todo sobre la confección de los Broches de Fieltro: Muñecas, Flores, Diseños originales, Patrones

DIY Clock for Kids - Helps the kids know what activity is coming next during the day.

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Bloc City by Milimbo How is your city or town? My city has streets and houses, trees, vehicles and people…And it is made of cardboard. Its name is Bloc city.