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This is my ball. There are many like it. But this one is mine.

I love this thing. I love this thing. I love this thing. I love this thing, What is this thing?

Pour tout les propriétaires de chiens !

10 choses que nous faisons aux chiens mais que ceux-ci détestent

I think I may have to start a board called "Dogs who look like Lady."

Kids Are So Awesome

She found out our dog had to get shots, so wile we were waiting in the parking lot of the vet our daughter hugged her and told her that shots hurt but it will all be okay and that she will take the dog to the toy store if she was a good girl

cutest thing I've seen all week {from smittendesign.blogspot.com}

Who the hell gave this kid a gun and a dog.he doesn't know how to treat a dog and a gun is just insane . Right this is real cute.

"Head down hug" feels like devotion when you feel your dog cuddle that close to you.

"This photo touched my heart so deeply, I nearly cried. This kind of deep unconditional love and incredible bond is what I have always had with my own pets. which makes losing them so incredibly devastating." ~Skye - Yes indeed I agree with that.

Here he is again........a golden that has decided he is going to live here with me...... Can you believe that look thru the window?

Golden a little "miffed" at the family being inside and not thinking to let him in on this wet day. (Notice his face!

Perfect World.

I would LOVE to have a picture of Marlowe with a lamb when she is older. hmmm Sheep farm in the future ?