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Aegithalos caudatus  Just Beautiful……..

The Long-tailed Tit or Long-tailed Bushtit (Aegithalos caudatus) is a common bird found throughout Europe and Asia.

Source :flying of birds

Ultramarine flycatcher - (Ficedula superciliaris) also known as White browed blue flycatcher

The Silvereye - Zosterops Lateralis from Australia and New Zealand

The Silvereye - Zosterops lateralis, is a very small omnivorous passerine bird of the south-west Pacific. from emuwren

White Throated Sparrow  Photo by Robert  http://honeygirl1946.tumblr.com

White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicolli) Canada and northern United States

Southern Carmine Bee-eater   (Merops nubicoides)   by Ian n. White, via Flickr

Southern Carmine Bee-eater (Merops nubicoides) Ian n.

"@RocioGarciaM1: ": Ne güzel! #birds #colors #picsher #photography

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"@RocioGarciaM1: ": Ne güzel! #birds #colors #picsher #photography

Rufous Gorgeted Flycatcher Female (Ficedula strophiata ) gary1844

Rufous Gorgeted Flycatcher Female ( Ficedula strophiata ) Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia

A Wilson's Warbler of willow thickets in the West and across Canada, the Wilson's Warbler is easily identified by its yellow underparts and black cap.

Wilson's Warbler--These lovely little birds are zipping around my yard, stopping occasionally on a branch of the cottonwood trees or my porch, where I can see how beautiful they are!

Brewster's Warbler-hybrid between Blue winged & Golden winged Warblers

Brewster's Warbler~hybrid between a Blue-winged and a Golden-winged warbler.