Sophia Loren by Chiara Samugheo - perfect nude lip with heavy eye liner, very little eye shadow

Love this classic look of Sophia Loren. her brows are sketched one hair at a time. the eye makeup and lip. love it all.

"Hate is unfulfilled love."  - Sophia Loren

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Sophia Loren

Hollywood celebra carreira de Sophia Loren

Sofía Loren cumple 80 años: 21 retratos de la actriz

Sofía Loren cumple 80 años: 21 retratos de la actriz

Sophia Loren at age 80 in En mayo de 2014 en el festival de Cannes

Sophia Loren

vintage everyday: Cliassic Beauty Icon of Italy – 36 Stunning Color Photos of Sophia Loren in the and

Sophia Loren, 1954

In her new memoir, "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow," actress and international sex symbol Sophia Loren reveals intimate details about her private life.

about dark eyeshadow

What do you think of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes? I think she has the best eyes I've ever seen. Her eye color has a really pretty dark blue shade. In a lot of her pictures her eyes appear violet, that's so. asked under Other

sofia, always captivating!

***Sofia Loren, a beautiful and gifted talented actress back in the days.When my mother was younger, she & her first cousin Lilaki, resembled Sofia. Except they had dark brown hair. ***We all have twins and or triplets around the world!

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Será que a gente evolui?