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SQUEEEEEK SQUEEKER EEK EEK EEK AKKKKKK EEK SQUAK  That's dolphin for "I love you so very much!"

May be a picture of dolphins in captivity. Captive dolphins suffer stress and illnesses from being removed from their natural habitat and away from their pods. They even can get ulcers from their stress! Captivity is cruel and immoral!

Baby dolphin..That is so cute.Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

A baby dolphin with its umbilical cord still attached was found beached near Montevideo city, Uruguay. Luckily, a rescue organization got involved and and has been nursing the little guy back to health. - Stop the Dolphin Slaughter NOW

Animals at War: Song of the unsung heroes! Pigeons, dolphins, glow-worms?? All of them have served in war

The Other War Heroes: Animals That Served Their Countries

"K-Dog", a USN trained Bottlenose dolphin, works with EOD experts in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003

Dophins - kidnapped from the ocean and sold into slavery to perform boring tricks 5 times a day for humans. They starve the dolphins until showtime. Then feed them dead fish. Dolphins eat live fish in the ocean.

This is a beautiful view of 4 bottlenose dolphins at sunset. Did you know there are almost 40 species of dolphins? More about these amazing creatures here:

The bottle-nosed dolphins in sunset light. Dolphins ~ They are so friendly . I love to watch Dolphins. Another amazing animal from GOD, Thank you

India has legally recognized dolphins as non-human persons

India bans use of dolphins for entertainment

Surf's up :) India has legally recognized dolphins as non-human persons.

We believe in preserving our environment while inspiring the human spirit through leadership in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine life.

Hope the dolphin absolutely LOVES very tiny guests! Come visit Hope and get your up close encounter!

Cute dolphin

Cute dolphin