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Dogfaced Pufferfish (Erwin Kodiat)

The Dogfaced Pufferfish or Black-spotted Pufferfish (Arothron nigropunctatus) is a member of the genus Arothron, which is notable as being the puffer fish most commonly kept by.

Black Spot Puffer - Arothron nigropunctatus

Puffer fish is one type of poisonous fish. These fish also have sharp spines. Here are 10 interesting puffer fish facts.

Dogface Puffer - Arothron nigropunctatus - Medium  $49.99 - $69.99

Dogface Puffer - Arothron nigropunctatus - Medium

Flame Angel Fish

Fish are beautiful creatures that have the most amazing colors and markings. The fine folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing create wonderful aquariums and tanks to house these stunning animals.

I finally own a Dogface Puffer. I love his personality he is such a cutie and I get to hand feed him :)

I had one of these (Frankie) in my aquarium, and he was my favorite.we fed him shrimp from a long prong, and he would wag his tail when he saw me open the cabinet and get the prong out ;

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Turquoise Fish Among The Coral. (Jennifer May says: Those are aqua (also referred to as "blue-green") Chromis reef fish.

Map Pufferfish - Arothron mappa  Sail Rock, Thailand

Map Pufferfish - Arothron mappa Sail Rock, Thailand

Yellow tang

Yellow Tang [ Zebrasoma flavescens] at the Bristol Zoo, Bristol, England. This is the character Bubbles in the film “Finding Nemo”. This usually placid Yellow-Tang can erect spines in its tail and slash at its opponent with rapid sideways movements.

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Sometimes the kind of fish you want will dictate what sorts of substrate you must use. There's not anything worse that watching your beloved fish chase one another to death.