The Mended Spiderweb series: Nina Katchadourian "searched for broken spiderwebs which I repaired using red sewing thread." Spiders rejected and discarded the repairs.

Nina Katchadourian is an artist who's done some interesting work mending spiderwebs. From her site: The Mended Spiderweb series came about during a six-wee

spider webs in the morning dew

✯ I can remember being with the outdoor ed group years ago and finding a great big orb spider and running to find someone to show them, only to find that it had disappeared! they are the most beautiful spiders and create webs of art just like these.

broken things - Livia Marin

I like the dimensions on these photos and the color change between the bowl and liquid looking stuff flowing from the bowl.extremely clever and quirky ceramic art work

Hitoshi Kuriyama creates elaborate light installations using complex clusters of shattered fluorescent light bulbs. His latest work can be seen starting June 4th in Venice at Glasstress 2011. (via notcot)

Define space with neon: Japanese artist Hitoshi Kuriyama creates elaborate light installations using complex clusters of shattered fluorescent light bulbs. copy & image via colossal.

Titoo Coombe. la notion de passoire • l9g: 暇人\(^o^)/速報 : インスタレーションアートとかの画像を淡々と貼っていく -...

Burning Man art This mammoth cave-like sculpture, nicknamed the Belgian Waffle, is properly called "Uchronia".

Spiderweb on statue

"GUARDIAN OF THE WEB" by Jane As you know I often visit this Cemetery and this particular evening the light caught my eye.

9goldsworthy.jpg (300×314)

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor who makes site-specific installations using natural and found objects to create temporary (and sometimes permanent) sculptures.

Renovated Mushroom Project - Nina Katchadourian. From her "Uninvited Collaborations with Nature" Series.

Nina Katchadourian, Renovated Mushroom (Tip-Top Tire Rubber Patch Kit) Cibachrome, 30 x 40 inches, 1998 A bicycle tire patching kit found in the tool shed was used to patch up a group of mushrooms that had small tears on the caps.

"String Web" woven sculpture by Machiko Agano

"String Web" woven sculpture by Machiko Agano. Located in Fabrica art gallery, situated in the former Holy Trinity Church on the corner of Ship Street and Duke Street.

while most people know I don't like spiders...this is kind of funny and great...not that you would find me doing it...bleaaugh...heebie jeebies

Nina Katchadourian Uninvited collaborations with nature The Mended Spiderweb Marketing Tips for Spiders 1998

Jerusalem - Festival da luz

Jerusalem Festival of Light: National and international artists will be installing works of art where light itself is used as a creative raw material

*The intricate beauty of a spider web

Spider’s Web in Aqua and Blue (via Pin by Color Boards on Aqua § Blue

Hand-held subway by Nina Katchadourian

Nina Katchadourian Hand-held Subway Cibachrome, 13 x 19 inches, 1996

Genius of nature – Moss Maps from Nina Katchadourian.

Moss Maps by Nina Katchadourian C-prints, each x 20 inches, 1992