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Spock's family by *Katikut on deviantART

Spock's Family (Video making of in description) by *Katikut on deviantART / Amanda x Sarek


Amok Time by NatnatTOS. Not sorry for pinning this. It was one try-ox compound away from happening.


fuckyeahspacehusbands: “ Thnks to a kind anon who provided us a link to this.

Spock and Jim in Iowa: Part 2 of 5

lostconner: “ It’s a story about Jim take Spock home in Iowa for the first time.

ST_Patterns of force by simengt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

after story of patterns of force yep, That torture scene! Whip whip back to the ship, doctor cured korean version->[link] ST_Patterns of force

ASK12:AOS kirk bones spock dancing Hula

I could just picture a tos episode where they have to do this for some godforsaken reason. Their facial expressions are perfect-- Bones is regretting his entire life, Kirk is just rolling with it, and Spock, of course, feels nothing.

For real though. To a Vulcan, that touch of the fingers is so intimate. Ah, Vulcan romance....

Star Trek: A Matter of Perspective by ~carrinth This is why you have no friends, Spock.

janey-jane:  Lady Trek with sweet 60′s hairstyles? don’t mind if i do.  Hey maybetwice

janey-jane: Lady Trek with sweet hairstyles?