Anders Zorn (1860-1920) Vågskvalp Watercolor on paper 1887 167.64 x 254 cm (5' 6" x 8' 4")

Anders Zorn, (Swedish, Impressionism 1860 - Lapping of the Waves, 1887

ANDERS ZORN, artist. Great Bernese. (love those dogs)

Zorn exhibit was at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Although Zorn is a household word in Sweden, he is not as well known here but he should be as was, in fact, one of the most important portraitists of the Gilded Age.

Anders Zorn - Porträtt av Emma Zorn i Parisateljén

Anders Leonard Zorn - Emma Zorn in the Paris Studio, 1894 (Swedish painter,

"The Artist's Wife," 1889, by Anders Zorn (Swedish, 1860-1920).

Anders Zorn (Swedish painter, sculptor and printmaker in etching) 1860 - 1920 The Artist's Wife, 1886 pastel 50 x 33 cm.

Anders Zorn, Luftslsott, 1885.

Castles In The Air Anders Zorn Original Title: Luftslott Date: 1885 Style: Impressionism Genre: portrait Media: watercolor, paper Dimensions: 26 x 37 cm Location: Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

Christian De Falbe by Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn A Portrait Of Christian De Falbe, With A Saint Bernard At Luton Hoo Watercolor on paper 1884 x cm x