Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in Amazing Spiderman

Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone): "How did you get up here?" // Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield): "The fire escape." // Gwen Stacy: "That's twenty stories." // Peter Parker: "Your doorman's intimidating." -- from The Amazing Spider-Man directed by Marc Webb

Andrew Garfield and James Franco>>>

still don't understand why in spider-man Peter Parker looks super geeky and Harry Osborn looks normal, but in the amazing spiderman, Peter Parker looks normal but Harry Osborn looks geeky.

Emma Stone (in Gucci) and Andrew Garfield (in Balenciaga)

Emma Stone Photos - Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield attend 'The Amazing Spider Man' Paris Film premiere at Le Grand Rex on June 2012 in Paris, France. - 'The Amazing Spider Man' - Paris Premiere

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, the amazing Spider-Man 2 scene on the bridge

You got my message?

This is when it finally hit me. She's not coming back.

"I miss you Bev." He told the stone and just like he had for weeks, he waited for her to come, but in all of those weeks she never did.