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多才多藝 怪奇物語童星組搖滾樂隊

多才多藝 怪奇物語童星組搖滾樂隊

To celebrate Stephen King's Pennywise and the release of It, Mondo, and other artists have created a variety of fantastic new It art.

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finn wolfhard imagines

I'm our Paladin, Wills' our cleric, Dustin is our bard, Lucas is our ranger and El is our mage


There's absolutely NO words to describe how adorable Finn is.

stranger things, finn wolfhard, and mike wheeler image

literally just watched the season 2 trailer and now i’m crying because i’m so excited

Read Chapter or dare from the story Finn Wolfhard imagine

eddiekcspbrak: “aesthetic: richie immediately reaching out to eddie first in times of dire emergency aesthetic: richie holding tight to eddie and only eddie when they were about to be attacked through the projector aesthetic: eddy being the one.