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More Kingdom Hearts that I haven't seen!!!!!!

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More Kingdom Hearts that I haven't seen!

concept_art_sora_costume___dff_by_dj1nnsgr1mo1r3-d31leqv.png (682×768)

concept_art_sora_costume___dff_by_dj1nnsgr1mo1r3-d31leqv.png (682×768)

Valentines Day: 13-19 by tenchufreak on DeviantArt

Valentines Day: by tenchufreak on DeviantArt - Donald's face scares me a little lol

#kingdomhearts, #kingdomhearts15thanniversary, #15thanniversary, #sora, #TheOfficialEphemer

#kingdomhearts, #kingdomhearts15thanniversary, #15thanniversary, #sora, #TheOfficialEphemer

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'Affection ' Ventus           Kingdom hearts

Birth By Sleep hair brushing

Re: Coded wasn't much in terms of plot development, but this scene was really moving to me, even if it was between two data versions of the real people

Might be Sora and Axel but I'm pretty sure it's Roxas and Axel>> Kingdom Hearts

Aqua from Kingdom Hearts. She's freakin' awesome!


When sora and Riku watch mickey mouse club house

KH HD: 1.5 ReMIX ~ official promo art, similar to the original cover art of KH1.

My favorite kingdom hearts piece of art

Kingdom Hearts <3 this was basically my childhood video game :) such memories

Kingdom Hearts this was basically my childhood video game :) such memories

Sora KH 3

Sora KH 3

Why can't Kingdom Hearts 3 come out faster~?!

Rick Okay, I gotta admit, as much as I didn't quite like Riku at first, I warmed up to him as the game went on. I began to feel the fires of the tsundere moe

summer evening breezes blew

Riku & Sora making fun of each others battle stances<<< Actually, Riku's battle stance isn't his own, if you look carefully, he only started fighting like that after he was possessed by Ansem, which is why his stance is so similar to Vanitas