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Men With Fabulous Flower Beards. I have no idea what to think of this.

Guys Are Decking Their Beards Out With Flowers And It'll Probably Give You A Pinterestgasm

Funny pictures about Men With Fabulous Flower Beards. Oh, and cool pics about Men With Fabulous Flower Beards. Also, Men With Fabulous Flower Beards photos.

Awesome. What would you do if you saw this in public? There is no way I wouldn't stop to laugh...

15 Most Important Things Ever Found On A Bulletin Board

Honestly, I laughed out loud. I don't know why because Lionel Richie is such an easy target, but LR jokes crack me up, every time.

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Haha country humor :)

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There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, I hate more than people on cell phones in public bathrooms. If you work in retail it happens ALL the time bc employees take "bathroom breaks" so they can make phone calls.

This is seriously how my Dad did my hair when I was a little girl....only after he decided that the duck tape would come back and bite him after school... Lol.... I was lucky to have a mom like I have....so was he.

My dad actually did this to me when I went to work with him one time and didn't have a ponytail holder :/ Of course he had zip ties in his truck. Zip ties and duct tape fix everything!


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Ahahaha. How funny.

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