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But after seeing this..I'm gonna mix groups ik but it occurred to me that as we know mark is probably gonna leave nct dream sometime soon..so who's gonna start the ~yo dream~ like renjun has done it before but it doesn't have that feel to it idk I'm gonna cry I need to stop thinking about him leaving

Awwww their so cute when another memeber is missing like for example now its RM ❤❤ (just my opinion)



anniyo he is showing them how korean's look... *like heaven*

Aww i love SMs groups like exo and nct BUT i absolutely fucking HATE SM how can they mistreat such perfection Thank u Yixing ❤️❤️




Kim Jonghyun of SHINee (샤이니) I just love him so much! He's just too lovable and precious!

smrookies TEN

[Instiz] First Thai idol to debut with SM - Netizen Nation