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BTPsxPBCMAA7GL-.jpg (600×450)

BTPsxPBCMAA7GL-.jpg (600×450)

Sepia - little girl and cat sitting on the window ledge

Adorable vintage sepia photo of a little girl and her cat sitting on the bedroom window sill.


When Rexie was a kitten his hind legs were paralyzed due to an injury. With the love and help of his human he has wheels and physiotherapy and is a happy little guy.

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katten voor het raam

A window full of handsome and exotic cats. Look at the all-white Scottish Fold!

hydration is very important when exercising.

My cat turns our bathroom faucet on and off just enough to get a drink. Never mind the fresh bowl setting on the floor!I am waiting for my little girl to figure out how to do this.