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SureFire x Luminox WristLight: California-based illumination tools and accessories maker SureFire joins Swiss watch brand Luminox

Oakley Full Metal Jacket - Cleverblue

i never thought Oakley would have a luxury time piece but here it is, the Oakley Elite Full Metal Jacket, the epitome of Oakley's time.


Новый хронограф Luminox Recon Leader 8840

Luminox Launches Anniversary Watch Series: In celebration of its anniversary, Swiss watch company Luminox is launching a series of high performance watches that's comprised of updated clas.

Geograph Rainforest by Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet Geograph Rainforest chronograph with genuine fossilized palm wood believed to be 70 million years old.

Let the sun make you some hot water to get you clean. Yay for solar power! #camping #campinggifts

Seattle Sports Solar Camp Shower 5 Gallon Capacity -- Continue to the product at the image link.

How to change your phone battery with just a 9volt battery and a car charger.

Need an emergency recharge for you phone? Do you have a car charger handy? Or a 9 volt battery and a quarter? Then you can recharge your phone during a power outage or if you're somewhere it isn't convenient

Laundry pod. Only need 3 gallons of water and no electricity. Washes a small load in as little as 10 minutes! Great for camping or power outages.

Laundry Pod - It uses less than 3 gallons of water and zero electricity. Simply place your clothes inside, fill with water and soap then spin the handle on the lid. Use between loads, for delicates, or for clothes that will bleed.

I wouldn't complain :)I have slept in the back of a truck before.i put a cap on my 1985 ford 150.then I glued Styrofoam insolation to the underside of it to help hold in the heat.and then I slid a couple of mattresses in between the wheel wells.it served as a great camping set up for me.and it would I would love to do the same with my 2002 chevy Silverado some day. | best stuff

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

This is awesome! A couple sleeping pads and some sleeping bags and you're good to go! No worries about rain pooling under your tent because you didn't realize you'd set up in a dip. If I had or truck or still enjoyed camping this would be cool.

This portable ice machine to keep you chill: | 19 Surprisingly Portable Items You Didn't Know You Needed

19 Conveniently Portable Items That Will Change Your Life

19 Conveniently Portable Items That Will Change Your Life: Cylindrical ice is the best!