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Letterpress Constellation Orion by typesticker, via Flickr

I printed this card for an announcement for the birth of our then neighbor's son Orion. The constellation Orion set in individual star ornaments 8 & 10 point.

I want this for my space unit!!!!! It rocks - it shows the phases of the moon while helping them understand that the whole moon is always there!

Remote control moon (it has the ability to mimic all the waxing/waning phases of the moon)!

love the stars

23 Wedding Invitations To Match Any Personality

Label and package design for Oh Honey BBQ Sauce by Roger Maynor

Oh Honey! How fun and memorable. Not sure if the brand could be registered-. Beautiful typography, label and package design for Oh Honey BBQ Sauce by Roger Maynor of Public

The negative space uses the color of the juice to provide color for its image and it looks really good while maintaining a simple design.

Carrot Lemonade

This BHG recipe for Carrot Lemonade has no added sugar. Carrot Lemonade ingredients 1 pound carrots, peeled and cut into chucks 2 cups water 3 cups pineapple juice and/or unsweetened white grape juice cup lemon juice Cold water Ice Lemon wedges

Five With Florals // Could Be Interesting

Floral envelope liners are a great way to add a vintage touch to any wedding day stationary needs.

Tea Bag

12 Creative Beverage Packaging Designs - packaging designs, creative package designs

Hanger Tea Assignment I love the concept of this. It is a unique take on tea bags, usable, and humorous. Simple and efficient!

Terrain Damask Rose Candle, Carriere Freres Industrie

Damask Rose Candle

Inspired by the beauty and healing virtues of the rose, this candle spreads an elegant fragrance. Carriere Freres Industrie candles have been perfecte