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Maybe I'm not the best at being loved- but I like to think I'm pretty good at loving- Chelsea Carroll

What is A Soulmate?

USED Absolutely! I knew from the moment I met my husband that we were meant to be together! I knew we were going to get married. It was gods way of saying he is mine and I am his!

From Day 1.

sounds like our first date, that lasted 14 hours. talking until had never been so wonderful.

It was you. It was always you, Aaron and I promise to spend the rest of our lives showing you how much I love and appreciate you:)

I remember those wordless conversations.where everything was said through a look, touch and a sleepy smile that meant more than any words ever could

A rose with thorns

This is so true and i know ive completely fucked things up but i still believe we are soulmates and it hurts so bad to know i caused you to not believe it

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I like the idea of you and me. You know, us, together. Two little lost souls who finally found themselves in the paragraphs of a story that only we will ever fully understand.

"There is a Crack in Everything, that's how the Light gets in", Leonard Cohen

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“... you can let yourself believe. You can allow yourself to trust.” - Evan, The 5th Wave

Trust quotes about life 2015

Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable ~ I'm like a judge.lie to me once and the rest of your testimony gets tossed out lol xoxo

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Working Unto God

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