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A page dedicated to the timeless and divine Diana, Princess of Wales, and her children William and Henry and their partners.

April 28, 1985: Princess Diana accompanies Prince Charles on a visit the Anzio Beach Head Cemetery to honour those killed in the landings in 1944. Day 10

April Prince Charles Princess Diana visit the Anzio Beach Head Cemetery to honour those killed in the landings in Day 10

Galler Prensesi (Diana;[N 1] Kızlık adı Spencer ailesinden,) d. 1 Temmuz 1961 - ö.31 Ağustos 1997) Galler Prensi Charles'in ilk eşidir. Oğlu Prens William 2. torunu Prens George 3. ve küçük oğlu Prens Harry 4. sırada ülkenin taht varisidir.

HRH Diana, Princess of Wales wore twisted strands of pearls during a 1985 visit to Sicily. Her pink ensemble is by Catherine Walker except the pink felt hat, which is by John Boyd.

Lecciones de estilo de Lady Di

April Princess Diana in Florence visiting the Duomo, the church of Santa Croce the Uffizi Art Gallery where she admires Botticelli's painting "The Birth of Venus" during the Royal Tour of Italy.

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Princess Diana arriving to make a speech at the Centrepoint Conference for the Homeless at the Savoy Theatre in London, December

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January Princess Diana at the Bicentennial Celebrations at the Sydney Opera House on Australia Day

January 14, 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales at an orthopedic center in Luanda, Angola.

Princess Diana's Most Iconic Style Moments

January Diana, Princess Of Wales at the Orthopaedic Workshop at Neves Mendinha Near Luanda, Angola.

Lady Diana Spencer/....This is what Will so easily and automatically gave to Kate because he loves her and wants her to feel safe and secure, loved and prepared. He just naturally did these thing for Kate. Charles never loved her, and wasn't accustomed to thinking of anyone but himself. "Oh, go ahead. Throw her in at the deep end and let her sink or swim." That was Charles's attitude. He just couldn't be bothered.

Gallery of Fame: 'Look at Me!' Art Work

Princess Diana and her famous hats. Hats came back in the and Diana was one of the most famous style icons

Lady Diana princesse de Galles

Princess Diana at Royal Ascot in June 1991 wearing a double breasted suit white suit by Catherine Walker, and black hat.

Princess Diana wearing a poppy, and a beautiful ice blue suit that highlight her magnificent blue eyes!