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The lady of the north, Jack's aunt, she lives far north where barely anyone ever visits. She hides away a great secret. She hides Jack's elder sister who is believed to be dead and protects her from her younger sister's wraths.

(The snow queen) The snow queen laughed as she headed to the castle and every step she took ice sunk into the ground and snow formed and by the time she reached the castle the island and ocean would be frozen and covered in snow

The silence of the scene was broken by the sound of footsteps, and Quin turned to look, seeing a snow maiden stepping towards her. "Hi..." she whispered. The snow maiden nodded, "Greetings, glimpse..."

She is white. She blends in with the whiteness of the cold snow and her eyes are the color of ice and can cast a glare just as cold. Her clothes are almost the same color as her skin. White and flawless. She is the Snow Queen.

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magical frost fairy girls costume - Only at Chasing Fireflies - Snow and ice make things very nice for this glittering fairy. She's exquisite in a crushed panne and tulle dress trimmed with sequins.

Illustration for the Blackthorn Fairy from Flower Fairies of the Winter. A girl fairy stands amongst the blossoms of the blackthorn.  										   																										Author / Illustrator  								Cicely Mary Barker

The Blackthorn Fairy Flower Fairies of the Winter : Cicely Mary Barker

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