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The inspiration for mermaids on the beach, taken from pre Disney peterpan film 1924

❤ Mermaid Momma ❤

Mislabeled as: Mermaid. This is Glynis Johns in the movie “Miranda” Great movie. Second movie was Mad About Men made in 1954 in Technicolor. Glynis Johns appears in both films as the mermaid Miranda.

Amor do mar

Mermaid ★ prince: down where they do not walk down where they do not run down where they pop their heads to stay all day in the sun swimming free wish I could be part of the sea.

Mermaid Skeleton... huh, so does that mean that fairytales really do exist?! ummm this is weird.......

Mermaids are real, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Is it a real mermaid skeleton in the photo? No one really knows. But it sure does look like a real mermaid skeleton. Maybe its real or maybe its not. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. But to me it really does look like a real mermaid.

The sand was hot, scorching her exposed back. A build of of scurf started to spread across the bottom of her tail, but her hair stayed wet, dripping on her skin. She couldn't change back.

While some ocean-themed editorials simply allude to mermaids with sequinned gowns, bronze skin and wet hair, the Vogue Spain 'El Canto De La Sirena' cover shoot at one point features an actual mermaid tail--albeit a fake one.

Diane Arbus

frenchtwist: via firsttimeuser: Masked Child with a Doll, 1961 photo by Diane Arbus: Dolls creep me the hell out. I don't mind the girl's mask.

Couples kiss goodbye

"The Last Kiss" WWII - Departure of the “Amerigo Vespucci” Egypt, 1963 - Who is the photographer?

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Three Pretty Mermaids Under the Sea - Instant downloadable digital image - vintage mermaid bubbles kitsch mid century illustration

Mermaid Brand Oysters Sign...ha....just spotted this on Pinterest.....thought I would forward...VDG

Mermaid Brand Oysters

Hey I have this in my kitchen! Very cool :) Mermaid Brand Oysters Sign. I lovvvvvvvveeeeee this vintage sign!