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toyota 2000gt (bond car)

Toyota 2000 gt, the most beautiful car ever!

Stunning classic car / source: Neoretro

1970 Toyota 2000 GT Nothing more needs be said!


1967 Toyota 2000 (You Only Live Twice)

#Toyota 2000GT

Promoting Japan’s First Exotic

The Proved Toyota Could Build a World-Class Sports Car

Toyota 2000GT w/Watanabes - Farmofminds

Toyota w/Watanabes - Farmofminds

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af0b9a2e326ce6798831134667134d69.jpg 640×480 pixels

Toyota 2000gt  Travel In Style | #MichaelLouis - www.MichaelLouis.com

Koenigsegg CCX

Toyota 2000gt Travel In Style | #MichaelLouis - www.MichaelLouis.com

Target Man

Everybody just stares when this car rolls … 1967 Toyota

Toyota 2000GT cabriole

Although it’s not known by many, the Toyota is among the best couple classic sportscars ever made. They’re so rare that the Jaguar E-Type would die of shame sitting next to one.

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Toyota The Grandfather of Toyota sports cars