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Adopted by Jackie Garza!This is Clara.She can change into a peacock and loves fashion.She is very lonely and quiet and she is 15 and loves music and she is quite shy.Give her a loving home.

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A cute anime girl with some balloons. Awe she looks so happy! The hair reminds me of mine when I was a little girl.

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I wish my life story is like anime. It's way better and adventurous! :D <<Namaikizakari *^* ! they're soooooo cute, Naruse puppy's face is just so .

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I think this is supposed to be a reference to the Madoka statue scene from the middle of Rebellion, but I'm not sure.


She is 15 years old but is a loli type. She is very popular in school and among boys, but doesn't get involved with the wrong ppl. She luvs sweets and frilly things!

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۵ Sɴeαĸιɴɢ α ɢlαɴce αт нιм ۵ You always made my mornings.