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that is very true

It takes a lot to make me blow, but when I do it is like Mount Vesuvius has been stuffed into a short little red-head

Oh my god, this is so true

Zodiac Capricorn facts — Capricorn’s most used language = sarcasm. this is me in so many wayssss

CAPRICORN- "I don't believe in Horoscopes - but I thought this was amusing. Pretty true."

I fall under the Cancer zodiac sign but never seem to fit any of those descriptions. Had I not been born a month early I would have been a Leo. A little more fitting I think. - Ok, how are you not a Leo Lamkin Ferrer ?

Justification for that memory box in my closet!

I keep the pictures and movie ticket stubs etc even though your gone and probably may never come back they still make me smile at the good times

Someone actually got this right .

Capricorn Hugs (Zodiac Geek) sounds right! I will just have to corner you and hug the crap outta ya!


zodiacspot: How is your Zodiac sign seen by others?-somewhat accurate. Overthinking and debating my options gives the impression of indecisiveness. Once I make a decision, there's no going back;