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mcavoys: “ Chris Evans attends the Southeast Asia premiere of Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ at Marina Bay Sands on April 2016 in Singapore.

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Loved you in The Nanny Diaries, What's You Number, Captain America, The Avengers, Fantastic Four <3 Marry me

This is like Slim because Chris Evans is a respected actor just like how Slim is a respected worker on the ranch. Also Chris Evans plays captain america who is the leader of the avengers , like how Slim is the leader of the ranch hands.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans


“Chris Evans at the Press Conference & Photocall in Los Angeles, California via

#wattpad #losowo Zapraszam do pokręconej zabawy z bohaterami Marvela ☺ Czekam na wasze propozycje ☺

Marvel - Miesiące I Nie Tylko ☺☺... - Imagify Steve

Watch this gif. said the previous poster to me, and it was ever so true, and so i pass the message on to you! Watch it and rejoice in the choice!

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